My Sunday

The day started out well, with a long-needed trip to church. This morning’s sermon was about speeding through life and ignoring the important things, like family. Kid’s grow up entirely too fast, so if you have them, enjoy them while you’ve got them as a captive audience, so to speak.

Bank Holiday
Monday is Labor Day. In the US, this is our “late summer bank holiday” (if you speak the Queen’s English, or English in general, that should make sense to ya). Thank Goodness for late summer holidays. A day off is a welcome gift.

Preparing for the Birthday
My mother’s birthday is next Friday. TLK’s birthday party is next Saturday. Her actual birthday is the following Wednesday. My stepdaughter’s birthday is 4 days later. Planning September is always fun. To top things off, I should have a new nephew by the end of the month.

Anyway, 4 girls have RSVP’d so far. Do you think it’s rude to query the other 3 on Tuesday? I mean, a headcount is a good thing to have, at least for planning purposes.

(am I boring you yet?)

Tuesday is the big roof replacement day. I’ll be interested to see how the new shingles look on the house. I’ve seen them on various other houses in town. The fiberglass (Heritage) shingles we’re using look so much better than the older composite shingles. They’re supposed to reflect light, so not only might our roof be cooler, but you can probably see our house from outer space.

Ok, maybe not.

Your comments and suggestions are always valuable. You may have noted that all the comments on the blog have disappeared. It’s not because of you… it’s because I am repairing a mistake I made when transitioning to the new Blogger Beta. Besides the comments, everything else should be pretty seemless. I promise not to zap your comments in the future. Well, as long as they’re not rude or, you know… crazy. Not that you would do that, mind you. 🙂


2 thoughts on “My Sunday

  1. Lisa

    I do like the new blogger. It’s easy to change your template without having to redo everything.

    Right now, though, it won’t allow you to take along much of a customized design, like yours.


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