Stingrays, Accidental Death and Steve Irwin

I’ve been at the Virginia Aquarium, where there is a stingray pool. You can actually reach in and touch the stingrays. They are soft and silky, and enjoy the attention. I’m sure the stingrays in the aquarium are used to human interaction. I saw that in the Atlanta aquarium, they have trimmed down the barbs.

I hope that the public will not become afraid of stingrays. While obviously, it’s not good to have one feel defensive around you, by any means, stingrays are basically docile creatures who would just like to be left alone. I saw video of stingrays today. They looked like butterflies floating through the ocean. It was beautiful.

I keep imagining what Steve Irwin would say, if he could, about his own encounter on Monday. Seriously. It makes me sad that we don’t actually have his professional opinion or explanation for what happened. It’s sad for anyone who enjoyed his show and his enthusiasm for animals, even though they were not the soft and fluffy kind, to know that we will never hear the explanation from him for this one, although we can certainly guess. It’s not the same. He is someone that people looked to for behavioural explanations on just about any animal.

In my mind, Steve would say, “Look at this girl! Isn’t she a beauty?” And maybe he did.

Also, I wonder if anything would have been different, had Steve not tried to pull the barb (if he did) from his heart. I read that, due to the shape of the barb, pulling it out can cause incredible damage. I’m not sure if the barb actually comes off when it’s used, and so pulling it out was a necessity or a gut reaction. I’m sure it hurt like hell.

I read at the Drudge Report website that the family might elect to show the video of what happened in the water Monday. I’m not sure how I feel about that. It was hard enough yesterday to watch some playback of his shows on animal planet and watch his interaction with Terri, Bindi and Bob.

I saw the show when he explained how he first met Terry and how he forgot where he was for a minute when their eyes met. I saw him take the camera crew into the delivery room for each child. I watched Bindi say how much she loves her dad.

Sad, really. This is one of those things that I wish we could wind the clock back on, and undo.

Look what I found:

Typical Steve. He’s a beauty. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Stingrays, Accidental Death and Steve Irwin

  1. Michelle

    No Lisa, if had endevoured to pull it out, he still would have passed away 😦
    Stingray toxin causes the bodys circulatory system to shut down, fatally if the barb hits a chest organ. Someone very close to me had the barb pierce his ankle bone whilst fishing here off the beach.
    Obviously the ray was spooked…as you mentioned they’re docile beautiful creatures.
    He was carried up the beach by a mate, an ambulance was called the officers put his leg in boiling water and kept it there. They continued this for an hour and took him to hospital where morphine was administered a number of times throughout the day. For months after he was not able to wear shoes so he couldn’t work either. 5 years on, he still suffers occasional pain.


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