A New Experiment

I’m trying something different today. Instead of waking up and going through all of the most terrible things that could happen today, I’m picking good things to think about.

1. My family is happy and healthy right now.
2. I have a job that is becoming more comfortable to go to (don’t indulge in the “but’s”)
3. Halloween is coming, and all that goes with that.
4. I have all of next week off… what will we do with our time? I’m thinking of things, like visiting an orchard, going to see some horses, going roller skating, etc.

It sounds odd, but once you’ve been traumatised by something unexpected, you can wake up afraid of your day. I hate that. It’s beyond hating actually.. it needs to be disposed of. So today I’m thinking about walking in the water at the beach in Freeport, a place I was at 5 years ago. The water was clear and a light aqua color. The day was warm and exciting, due to being.. you know… out of the country and some place tropical. Shops were all around, and the inviting smell of exotic food filled the air.


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