My Brain is Going to Explode, and Other Fun Things

I’ve been dealing with a cold for the last 4 days. Coughing, sinus headache, sneezing. Yuck. No amount of Sudafed is helping. The only thing that appears to help is the Sudacare Shower Soothers, which are wonderful in Vanilla Mint. Not only do I get to get high on vanilla, which I love, but it also relieves my congestion right before bed. Another happy helper… Tylenol PM.

Notwithstanding, The Little Kid and I did a lot today. We bowled two games at the local bowling alley. We started with no gutter bumpers, then decided she would be miserably pouty without them. Once we kicked up the bumpers, she had a blast, until it was time to leave, of course. 🙂

Then, it was on to McDonalds, the park and then back home to ride her bike (her, not me).

We just got done with 2 games of Go Fish, and my brain is about to explode from extreme sinus pressure. The only question I really have is, “When did I take my last Sudafed?” Does anyone know?


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