Back to work, back to work…

Last night, I lamented about returning to work after a week off. I saw, in advance, that my boss had a short list of discussion points and/or things for me to follow up on. Thankfully, our twice monthly one-on-one meeting was today, and I ensured him I was ontop of all that stuff. Unfortunately, the meeting brought up a few more things I needed to be working on, some of them fun Intranet design stuff, some of them “organize the server room” stuff.. Let’s just say I have enough to keep me busy for a few weeks.

Overall, it was a good day, though. I would rather be busy than sit around and introspectively examine my life all day… like much of last week. How depressing, right? Well, I suppose not for everyone, but it’s been a crazy year, ok?

Tomorrow, I start a rider class at a local Harley shop. I am going to learn to drive a bike…. a Buell, to be specific. It’s 6 hours of in-class instruction and 16 hours of driving. It all ends with a party and cake, so it can’t be THAT bad, right? “Don’t crash the bike… you’ll live to have cake.”

Yeah, baby.


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