Motorcycle Training Class

So, just when I was afraid that I wouldn’t have much practice with actually starting my motorcycle in training class, I had PLENTY of chances. Operator error (me) kept killing the engine. The silly thing is that I can drive a manual transmission car. With a motorcycle, the required parts to shift and brake are in different places than a car, obviously, so it’s a matter of coordination.

This is a process where self-talk and planning come in handy:

“Walk the bike and balance it before you put your feet up”
“What are the procedures for braking? Whatcha going to do first?” (pull in the clutch and apply BOTH brakes … not just the front one…lol)
“You’re going to shift… what gear are you in now?”
“You’re coming up behind a bike… what are you going to pull in or push first?”

They say that the actions become second nature, and I believe that. Certainly GOING is much easier than starting and stopping every couple of minutes. That’s how a rider course is… cones and turns, slowing down at certain spots, shifting in others.

One guy lost control of his bike and went down. He’s alright, but there was a big hole in the jeans where his knee was. The bike, a little 500cc, landed on top of him. I think he started off scared and kept being that way. He was riding slow, at least, when his bike went down.

One thing that is easy is to get your handy leather glove stuck on the throttle. A little voice in your head is saying… “Ummm… your motor is revving” and then your brain says, “Oh crap…” lol. This normally happened to me in neutral, though, or when I had the clutch in and the bike wasn’t going anywhere anyway.

So learning is fun. You get over the scary part after awhile. Hopefully, I’ll be starting my bike a few less times tomorrow, and perhaps not braking like an idiot. 🙂

And I’m sore as heck…wrists, arms, legs, rear end… everything.


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