I Passed!

I passed the field and the writing test to get my motorcycle license! Yay for me.

This morning, someone lost control of their bike and flipped himself clear over his handlebars. The bike flipped, too. He decided to take a break until next spring. The instructor said that he didn’t know why his throttle kept rolling on… I bet I know (cause I did it, too)! It’s because he was probably leaning his wrist on it.

Another person laid their bike down a couple of times, because we were doing slow, tight curves. She kept after it, and did really well in the final field test. There were plenty of us putting our foot down here and there, as we felt wary that the slowness was going to involve the bike falling over. I have it in my head… “The bike does not go down”.

Anyway, it was fun, and although my mom would like me to take out more life insurance, “slow” adaptation to traffic is the key. I don’t plan to do more than a block in the neighborhood until spring. Winter’s coming, you know. 🙂


5 thoughts on “I Passed!

  1. Anonymous


    Well done :o) Top banana :o))

    Fair weather rider hey… Ummm…

    Winter over here to, clocked up 400 miles this weekend though :o))) Go on, get some good Wet Rubber and get yourself out there. Then when summer comes you won’t believe how easy it is to ride in the Dry :o) (And the Heat :O) )

    Ride On… With Care :o)

    Ciao Ciao


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