Things that Stink

Girl Scout Hayrack Rides.

They look innocent enough, the hayrack rides do. In 30 degree weather, though? Not so much. I had on 3 sweaters and a coat. My face and feet froze.

My daughter stood in line for hot chocolate, and an adult hogged the last bit. The adult right in front of her.

We ditched the hot dog cookout in the freezing temps and went to Pizza Hut instead.

I made her hot chocolate at home.

Ever been amongst a group of girl scouts where some were unsupervised? Say around Jr. High age? Rowdy. They are just loud and rowdy. Not a good example for a 6-year-old, who I asked afterward not to turn out like that.

They were singing, “Joy to the world, Justin’s dead. We cut off his head! Don’t worry about the body; we flushed it down the potty…. “

And then there was the boy scout leader who went around asking people for hugs and talking up his boys, like they were the sexiest people in the world… “Oh… look at his skin… don’t you want to just kiss his face?” Umm… give me your badge number or name or something, dude. I want to report you.


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