Life Lessons

We had to sit down with my daughter and explain how sometimes people are a product of their environment.

There’s a girl at school who my daughter said was always yelling at her. I’ve met her and felt sorry for her because no one would pick her as a partner for lunch, and she would be upset/pout because of it. If she’s always yelling, I can see why. Six-year-olds don’t know any better. They just know this girl is usually ticked off about something.

We found out purely by accident that this girl was being picked up by Child Protective Services today. I guess her mom is a drug addict and whenever this little girl was at home, she had either NO attention or all BAD attention from her mother. She didn’t have anyone at home to talk to or play with. She wasn’t taught how to wash herself… God knows if she ate every night or not.

Someone finally noticed a problem and called CPS. They went into her home and carried out bags and bags of trash. It was piled up so that you could walk on a clear path through the rooms of the apartment, and that was it.

We had to leave out most of these terrible details and tell our daughter that this girl is upset and shouting because that’s how she is treated at home. We tried to tell her to be patient and be friendly, if possible.

She tried to talk to her today and the little girl told her to leave her alone.

At least she tried.


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