Visit to the Durham Western Heritage Museum

map showing the train station

The Durham Western Heritage Museum used to be a train station, the main mode of transportation in Omaha. I have never been to this particular museum, that I recall. The downstairs part of the museum contains a train track with 3 Pullman cars, an engine and many other interesting artifacts.

One room contained old fashioned stoves and sewing machines. One contained a grocery, complete with packages of food from that time. One area had different jewels and stones that had been donated; huge chunks of turqoise and other beautiful pieces. There was an old school house room, complete with desks and a chalkboard that said, “Happy Thanksgiving”, which my daughter said was “odd”. She thought it had been written ages and ages ago. 🙂

The fun part of the museum for me was walking through those old train cars and seeing this map, which showed the station back when it was functional.

It’s been wonderfully preserved. It doesn’t look like one chandelier or one bench has ever been replaced.

chandelier in the lobby
pullman interior
waiting for the train


2 thoughts on “Visit to the Durham Western Heritage Museum

  1. Melissa

    Your daughter’s comment was cute.

    It would be annoying to ride a train where the seats face each other. It would be hard to spend hours sitting there trying to avoid eye contact with the passengers sitting across from you.


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