2006 in Review

Come on, now. Can you really imagine me wanting to review this year? The answer is “no”, honestly.

In January, our pastor proclaimed this “The Year of the New”. For me, this meant a new job at the beginning and caring for someone with new knees at the end, whilst the middle left me wondering what the heck was gonna happen next.

Although we don’t see the glory of these things right now, I’m sure we’ll see it in 2007.

Essentially, the new job equals new opportunity, and some good things on my resume. The new knees means opportunity for more exercise and the ability to walk more freely.

The downside to these things are easier to see sometimes, but I’m confident we can move past them shortly. We’re already making great advances in that direction. And all with only minor doses of sleepless nights and anxiety.

A big thank you goes to those people who are always there to support me…. my friends and family, especially my girl, who was a great source of motivation. God, for putting up with my daily sanity requests. 🙂 And my adopted sister, Jane, who has displayed unworldly patience with me this year. If I had champagne and we could drink it through the Internet, I’d serve you all up a really large glass of it.



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