I wonder if anyone else in the world feels this way. When I get done reading a book, I miss the characters. I want them to go on, even when I know the story is over. But what would they go on TO, now that the interesting part is over?

I just finished Dean Koontz’s, “Lightning“. It’s an interesting story, and takes an odd twist right in the middle. It’s almost like two stories in one, combining a girl’s difficult life, which only makes her strong and determined, time travel, Nazi Germany and lots of action. If you read it, you’ll never think of Uzi’s and Vexxon Gas the same. 🙂

So it’s on to the next book, which I started a month ago, Sandra Brown’s “White Hot“. Sandra Brown writes a good story with the same sort of characters each time; a man we love to hate, at first, then fall in love with, and a woman who’s strong and really not looking for a man we’d love to hate.

My favorite Sandra Brown so far is “Envy“. Pick it up. You won’t be sorry.

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