Up At 4:40 AM

I’m up early today because I’m worried about an upgrade going on at work. Everything was going fine at work until I came back from lunch, and all heck broke loose, for some unknown reason. My manager was in a panic. He said “I’m going to need you guys to do something besides calls…”, like I wasn’t sitting there loading a machine for a new hire coming in on Monday.

I’m sure everything will be fine. I just have a ton of organizing to do today.

Later this month, another upgrade is going on with the main program the users use.

All of the laptops have to be ready, meaning they HAVE to have XP loaded on them. Users on the move all day are hard to tie down for 2 hours to do an upgrade. If they wait for the upgrade on the day of the other upgrade, it’s really going to drag things out considerably.

So today, I’m going through my list of people who I don’t know have XP and calling them.

My progress today should hopefully let me sleep tonight.


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