The Man in the Walker Learns a New Trick

I dropped my husband off at physical therapy yesterday morning. If you haven’t been around for awhile, let me just say that he had a double knee replacement on December 12. He is 47 years old. Football is responsible. Football is not worth this sort of thing. Trust me. Several times, I felt like sending the hospital bill to his parents. 🙂

Anyway, while my daughter and I went to finally exchange Christmas gifts, he was learning a new trick. The trick is to stand up with the walker, steady himself, then start walking. Within a few steps, he picked the walker off the floor and walked with his LEGS!

This may not sound so surprising if you weren’t in this from the get-go…. the pain of surgery, the disheartenment when walking even with a walker was tough, the prompt taking of major pain pills every 4 hours, and the question, “What have I done?”

Well, it’s all working out. Yesterday, we even sat in the lower-level living room, where we haven’t been for over a month and rented a movie on the digital cable, whilst watching the big screen tv (graciously donated by my brother last year).



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