Girl Scouts are Crazy…

.. and I don’t mean that in a nice way. Why? Because their leader allows them to be.

Tonight’s meeting was on the second floor of a church. I’m not a huge “We MUST be quite in church” person when it’s not Sunday, but there were a few other meetings going on in the building.

Here is what was going on, while the 3 parents in charge of the girls were chatting amongst themselves in the meeting room:

Girls (at least 8 of them) were running (loudly) 30 feet from the meeting room, to the bathroom to get a drink of water, and back again. Several times.

All the while, singing, “Hakuna Matata”.

Jumping up and down, as well.

BANGING on piano keys!

When my daughter passed by, I would instruct her to not do these things, and she was getting the hang of it, just before I said, “Get your coat. We’re leaving. Now.”

All I want to know (not that it matters too much), but is this normal behaviour for Girl Scouts?

What happened to manners and maybe just making noise in the room, but being very quiet outside of it?


4 thoughts on “Girl Scouts are Crazy…

  1. jenny

    ugh. I’m a asst. leader for my girl’s daisy troop and am at the mercy of the leader as far as most things go. There’s WAY too much with the chit chat and distractions (her cell phone and her older son are frequent interruptions) and the girls just get crazy if they’re not kept busy.


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