Dead of Winter; a good time to swim

Yesterday, having bought The Little Kid a new swimming suit (for the new swimming lessons), we decided it would be fun to go swimming.

Being 20 degrees F outside didn’t stop us. We went to the indoor pool. If you’ve ever been to an indoor pool, you can appreciate the incredibly strong smell of chlorine in the air. It was so strong, that when I got home, having breathed in normal air for 1/2 hour, my throat actually hurt.

Playing in the pool for a few hours was fun, given the yucky weather we’ve had lately. For a minute, I pretended it was the middle of summer. I was warm in there. During the kids’ break time, I was the only adult wanting to swim, so I did a few laps. It was nice to be alone in a big pool with no one to avoid.

As you can imagine, it was quite an adjustment to go from the nice, warm pool, out into the cold, snowy weather again. It’s getting better, though. It was around 41 degrees today. Consider that balmy for Nebraska in early March.


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