Ambien is my friend

Last night, I was wired past 10:30. It was then that I thought, “Darn… shoulda taken an Ambien.” If you’ve not see the many, many sleep aid commercials, then Ambien is a sleep aid. For me, it works. For my husband, he might as well be taking a sugar pill.

I slept for awhile, then woke up at 3:15. I’m not sure what the deal is, but 3:15 often seems like a convenient time to start ruminating about things… adding up how much money is in my checking account, for example (or subtracting, really), thinking about my health (which is relatively fine) or my age or flying saucers landing on the roof and whisking my golden retriever away. It’s all quite logical (or not).

So you’d better believe that at 9 o’clock tonight, I popped a 1/2 an Ambien, and I’m planning to get some major sleep. Hopefully, there will be no emergencies in the middle of the night, cause I’ll sleep right through them.


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