It’s Getting Cold in Here

So put on all your clothes. All of them. Seriously. Cause it’s 20 degrees outside. My GOSH! There’s nothing overly good about having a really cold week off, unless you’re a snowman or something. Or perhaps you like skiing, or you’re an Eskimo… you’re racing in the Iditarod?

I believe we are going roller skating today. It will be a good way to spend our afternoon, after slouching around in the house all day.

Well, Sunday is Easter. We are planning on going to church, eating Easter Brunch and cooking Easter dinner for a handful of relatives. It’s the kind of dinner I like, where everyone brings something. 🙂 Less for me to cook. I have the important thing… the ham. My father-in-law is making apple pie, my MIL, dinner rolls and my step-daughter is bringing a few side dishes (mac and cheese with corn mixed in, and some sort of fruit salad).

My daughter is looking forward to an Easter Egg hunt on Saturday. It’s going to be darn cold for it.


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