My Butt is Broken

So, we got to the roller skating arena.. a place I haven’t been since junior high, and we put on skates and skated. The good news is that within the hour, the little kid was skating around the rink without holding onto the wall. I kept telling her, “We don’t need the stinking wall”.. not in a rude way, but in a funny way that would give her confidence. She was even skating in the inside lane without me.

Well, by then, it was that she HAD to skate without me. We were skating along and she fell and then my skates went right out from under me, and I landed HARD on the ground.

Ever had that sort of pain shoot through your body where you had to just stand (or sit, as the case may be) for a minute to make sure you you going to be able to move?

That was me.

Once I was able to stand up, I skated over to the carpeted area, where I stood up for awhile. I was contemplating whether I should sit, and if so, would it hurt to, and would I be able to get back up.

I sat down slowly and waited for The Little Kid to show up again.

Then a nasty migraine started, and we had to leave.

I bribed her out with a chocolate milkshake. Sad, but true.

It was a pretty bad start of a migraine, anyway. I had swirly lights on the left, then those went away and the swirly lights started on the right. Then they started in the middle.

Normally, when the lights go away, the headache starts, but sometimes the lights are all I get. I just got the lights this time, which was good.

So my question is: Does blunt force trauma to your body sometimes cause migraines?

Is there a doctor in the house?


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