The Dog Whisperer

Yesterday, while searching for some dog training tips, I happened upon the website for Cesar Millan, who starts in “The Dog Whisperer” series.

If you’re a dog person at all, you have to see his show, which is on the National Geographic Channel. If you’re not having any trouble with your pet, or you don’t even own a pet, you have to see it.

This man can take the most evil-acting dog and make it lovable!

Last night’s show had a little dog that HATED to go to the groomer. You should have seen the TEETH this little dog had and the expression on the dog’s face. Within a few minutes (in tv show time, anyway), he had this dog all calm and happy and willing to be groomed.

He had a pit bull laying by a bunny, which just beforehand would have been happy to tear any rabbit or small animal into pieces.

Watching some of these interactions made some of the dogs I know not seem so much of a handfull.


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