Trip to KC

Yesterday, we took a 3-hour drive to visit my brother and his family in Kansas City. The little one over there is my nephew. I don’t want to blow his cover, so don’t ask me for any names.

We spent 4 hours with my niece, nephew, my Mom, who is visiting, my brother, and my SIL, who is recovering from back surgery.
They all seem to be doing quite well, and the 4 hours went very fast.

My mom got up early that morning and made Ghirardelli brownies… to die for…

We visited this park, where the kids played softball and on the swings and jungle gyms. We caught pictures of a turtle and a gaggle of geese.

The highlight of the visit, I think, was having my niece run out of the house when we got there, all excited and screaming in delight at the sight of us. She has a high-pitched little voice that’s fun to hear.

The Little Kid handed down her first bicycle, and my niece was all-too-delighted.

Kansas City is a nice place to be. For some reason, I just really enjoy large cities. And, of course, the smell of barbeque is always in the air. As luck would have it, on our way out of town, we found a place called “Bandanas” to hook up with some barbequed beef, gourmet potato salad and some creamy coleslaw. My daughter wanted to know if we could come back for lunch tomorrow. 🙂

Before we knew it, we were home and heading to bed. It was a good trip.


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