InStyle Magazine

I caught this site as a feed on a local news site I was looking at. It’s InStyle Magazine. What’s different about it is that they post celebrity photos where they are wearing “in fashion” clothing and, where possible, give you a link to purchase something similar.

For example, here is Kate Bosworth, and here is the look-a-like dress a person could buy at Nordstroms. I have to say that I prefer the original much more. It’s got the poofy thing at the neck and something that appears to be a decorative belt, rather than just a black inset. But hey, they are the same color, and they are both a-line skirts made out of a lightweight fabric.

I could see where this site would be helpful for people trying to put together “looks”… people like me, who get home from shopping and wonder “what was I thinking?”
Of course, I won’t be wearing this $288 dress anytime soon, but I’ll keep my eye out for something more casual that really strikes me.


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