Dog Psychology

On Sunday, our golden retriever took a ride to Glenwood, Iowa for a playdate with our friends’ golden. For me, it was an experiment (after trying to adopt Roscoe) to determine if our dog was neurotic enough to be spooked by all dogs, or if she would accept “one of her own kind”.

Ginger met Zoey’s owner with great enthusiasm. Nothing different there. She met Zoey and they ran around the backyard like crazy (yet happy) erm.. people.

Ginger decided to hog all of Zoey’s toys. She especially liked the stuffed alligator. Zoey submitted. She would even walk up to Ginger occasionally and lick her on the face.

Ginger has only been the alpha dog in our house; being the only dog. She has never been able to lead any other dog. I wondered if she just preferred to be alone; like we were enough of a pack to her. But the truth is that she is happy only with the companionship of another golden retriever. I suspect a younger one that will allow her to let her be bossy.

Dog psychology mystery solved.

Oh, and we’ll be seeing Zoey again. I hope to have her over when her owners go on vacation.


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