I found out today that my boss expects me to be on the lookout for whatever servers they happen to order so that I can run up to them, grab their serial number, apply an asset tag and put them into the inventory.

It’s not that they haven’t done this in the past. It’s just that they haven’t felt like doing it, and I make a good scapegoat when confronted by the finance team.

“Lisa, why haven’t you been doing that”?

“Ummm… because I’m not invited to your little server parties and how would I know servers are arriving?”

“Well, it’s pretty obvious when a big box comes that it’s a server.”

(Oh, that’s right, I think. I am always at my desk watching every little thing you people do.)

Nevermind that I inventory everything that I order (way more than what they order). Now I have to inventory their stuff, too, which I don’t mind if they just tell me the stuff has arrived.

Pass the Jack Daniel’s Hurricane Punch, please.

My job is going to be a whole lot easier. I mean, all I have to do is be on the lookout for big boxes arriving. Forget about the rest of it.

Little Freaking Bastards


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