I’m Not Abnormal

So says my radiologist, which is most excellent. I can’t even begin to express the amount of dread hanging over my head for the last week. I can look at my family again and not wonder if I’m going to dessert them early. Well, you know, there is the bus I could be hit by tomorrow, but at least I have no terrible, life-threatening disease to report.

I do have a funny story, though.

Yesterday, I picked my 6-year-old up from school. I told her that I had my big x-ray at the hospital. This is how that went:

Her: Did you have to get an x-ray because your heart stop beating?
Me: Ummm.. no…
Her: Because if your heart stops beating, then you would be dead. I don’t like you to be dead.
Me: No?
Her: No, because then my daddy would pick me up every day at school and I would keep asking him for snacks…
Me: And he would say, “No”, right?
Her: Yeah..
Me: Well, don’t worry. My heart didn’t stop, ok?
Her: Ok

Every now and then, a good snack is called for.. especially if you’re a girl and require an occasional chocolate. 🙂


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