Day Off Number 5

was spent basking in the sun at the local pool, while The Little Kid took a swim in it. I did jump into the pool. Once. It was DARN cold! Just yesterday, it was only in the low 70’s. The fact that today was 86 degrees didn’t make too much of a difference to 12-foot-deep water.

TLK practiced her swimming strokes around the edge of the pool, only reaching for the pool every 10 feet or so, which is a great improvement.

By the end of 2 hours, she got the guts to go down the big water slide. The slide empties out into 12 feet of water. It’s sink or swim time.

After telling her not to go flying down the slide… just go easy and land in the water and then come up for air and swim back to the ladder… she did it. It was great. I mean, she was needing assistance to swim just a few months ago. Now she is swimming 10 feet along without help in 12-foot-deep water. And, by the way, very unafraid of the big slide.

Also, I would like to mention that my SPF50 sunblock allowed me to get a reddish suntan. It doesn’t burn. But isn’t that wierd? I mean, I shouldn’t tan with SPF50… or should I? Did one of the factory workers forget a little something in the sunblock?

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