Beat the Heck Out of Your Dip Worm

We went to the lake today to fish from the dock. The dock is a sad place to fish from. How many catfish come by the dock? Not too many biting ones that we found.

When we approached the dock, a man was slapping his hook against the water. I wondered why he would do that when it was probably scaring the fish.

We fished with catfish dip, a really stinky bait. It goes onto something called a dip worm; generally a 2-inch long plastic worm with ridges and holes. You stick the dip worm in your bucket of dip bait, then use a stick to smear the bait onto it.

The bait sticks to the dip worm like glue. I noticed the only time it didn’t was when it hit the water.

So, to clean your dip worm, you have to beat it against the water.

No, we didn’t catch anything. Everyone and their kids were on the dock. The fish probably just had a hard time choosing which hook to bite. 🙂


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