My Brain Feels All Mushy

After spending 7.5 hours looking at a computer screen to watch video training about computer hardware, my brain feels rather numb. I’m having to sort through the stuff I already picked up from working my job and the new information I could really use for my job.

Needless to say, the process involves listening to quite a bit of remedial information, which I suppose is good.
Today, I learned about voltage, tools for detecting hardware problems and the history of bus interfaces. I revisited some DOS commands, task manager and file permissions (Zzzz..).
I have two super-huge books to go through, a handy new piece of luggage to carry them in, a hardware repair kit and a multimeter (which I have no idea how to use yet).
I’m motivated to get one certification. After that, maybe more. If Microsoft would only stop upgrading operating systems.

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