The End of Chris Benoit

Chris Benoit with Eddie Guerrero
My husband is an avid WWE (“professional wrestling) fan. Mostly, I am not interested in it, but every now and then something happens that causes me to pay attention.

The show started Monday, and we were anticipating a storyline where the CEO was supposedly dead. I said it was a false report, since nothing else on the Internet said that Vince McMahon was dead.

Instead, the show opened with a report that Chris Benoit and his family were dead. I checked the Internet. Although not many had reported it yet, it was out there. I figured even the WWE would be pretty low to report a whole family dead if it wasn’t.

Sadly enough, the story was true. We speculated that some crazy fan must have killed them, but of course, the reality was that it was a murder-suicide. The theory is that “roid rage” was involved.

To make matters exponentially stupid, the WWE has released a statement saying that steroid use could not have possibly contributed to this incident. They carefully outline that steriod use cannot cause asphixiation. To me, this is the same thing as saying anger cannot cause a gun to pick itself up and shoot someone.

I think the WWE is trying to cover up the painfully obvious: Steroid use is widely accepted in this “sports arena”. It’s necessary, I’m sure they think, because it keeps everyone’s muscles bulging and keeps the attention on the show.

I wrote to the WWE because I thought their statement was so weak. The gist of it was that instead of trying to act like the police and making assumptions about what has happened, why don’t they just come out and say they don’t condone the use of steroids?

It’s because they can’t. And from the list of people who have died as a result of steriod use: Eddie Guerrero, The British Bulldog, etc., how more will there be? And isn’t it sad that these people are killing themselves to make a living?

The one thing I wonder is if Chris Benoit was alive today, listening to the speculation, would he really have wanted the speculation, or would he have preferred to leave a note so someone would have some idea why this happened?


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