Dear Lord, I Apologize..

for using your name in vain so many times today, along with a few other choice words, while replacing a laptop LCD at work. Those many screws required to get that broken LCD free and screw in the new one? Too wonderful to mention! (oops!)

Also, I want to thank you for teaching me how important it is to not try to put one model’s stupid screen in another model’s laptop. It was good for me to see how that breaks the ribbon. Oh, and I was lucky to see how to replace the ribbon, if it weren’t for those dumb screws that were screwed in hydraulically, which prevented their eventual removal, thereby just PRAYING TO YOU that part of that ribbon touching the contact was going to be enough to light up that gosh darn screen. Which, for now, it was.

Thank you, Lord, most of all, (and I mean this) for keeping me calm enough to avoid flinging the laptop through the air and just going home for the day.

My mortgage lender thanks you much more!

Let us pray that, eventually, I earn the pay required to actually be an IBM tech.



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