The Complete (Well, almost) Tour of the Zoo

One of the good things Omaha has going is it’s zoo. My brother and his family decided to drive to Omaha with 4 of their kids on the spur of the moment (from Dallas) and asked us to go with them to the zoo.

This involved some quality time with my sister-in-law, brother and niece and nephews, my daughter and my husband, and a LOT of walking. I think we covered the whole zoo except for the cat complex and the desert dome.

It was a hot day, even though we got to the zoo at 9am and we were getting ready to leave around 12:30. My nephew asked to go into the desert dome. My brother and SIL asked, “Isn’t that just a big desert?” “Yeah,” I said, “and it’s hot”.

We decided on the gift shop instead.

By the way, there is a malayan tiger due to deliver cubs around August 1. You can see the tiger cub ultrasound here.


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