The Interstate Adventure

Ever since I got my motorcycle license, I’ve been afraid to go on the Interstate. The Interstate is busy, for one thing, and people drive well-over the posted speed limit for another.

As I was sitting at work yesterday, I kept thinking, “I should drive on the Interstate”.

I drove down the street that I always drive on. As I approached the Interstate ramp, I could only think, “It’s either do it now, or wimp out and take the city street again.”

The day before, the city street was hot as hell. I didn’t know the street I usually take on the motorcycle was under construction, so I got to that hill, 95 degrees F, fresh asphalt, one lane, stop and go. It’s not fun to inch up a hill on a motorcycle. It’s possible, but it’s not something anyone on a motorcycle enjoys doing.

Anyway, when I got home that day, I was sweating buckets.

So, I told myself the Interstate would be so much faster, and I wouldn’t have to worry about construction. I got on the ramp. Once on the Interstate, I only had to go 65 mph to keep up with traffic, because it was rush hour.

Things went well, but I’m not sure I really liked the texture of the Interstate. It made me feel too much like I was floating, instead of gripped to the ground, like I feel on the street. I guess it’s the grooves.

When I got off the Interstate, I ran out of gas in my main tank. As I tried to reach for the reserve tank switch at the side of the bike (bad spot for it, if you ask me), I figured it would be safer to pull over and switch it on.

Then it was off to the gas station. 🙂


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