Little Ice Skater-ina

The Little Kid had her first skating lesson today.

I don’t recall being in an ice rink before. It’s cold there. I showed up in my capris and summer sweater, and flip-flops. Nice one. Next time, it will be a sweatshirt coat and perhaps some socks, in addition to all that other stuff.

Anyway, she did really well. The first thing they teach is how to fall, and get back up. She learned the front and back (what I call..) snowplow. She went back and forth across the ice with her group about 20 times. There was no holding onto the wall today. 🙂

The last 1/2 hour of the skate time is free skate. The instructors skate with all of the kids, and the kids follow them around and try to do circles and whatever the instructors are doing. She only fell down a few times, which I thought was amazing.

I can’t even stand on ice skates. Something about tossing my foot into some bicycle spokes when I was younger… no ankle strength to speak of.

It was a lot of fun to watch, and some good exercise for her.


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