Council Bluffs STOP Program

Here is a nifty picture of my car running a red light. I only really know my car ran a red light because the Council Bluffs Police Department is running surveillance cameras which trigger at certain intersections when a car runs a red light.

The fine is $65.

We figured out what night this was, because we normally don’t travel to Council Bluffs, and yes, that probably was our car. The website was even kind enough to show us a video of the running of the red light.

What stinks is that, even if I’m not driving, if the car is registered to me, then I get the ticket. If I loan my car (willingly) to anyone, and they run the red light, I get the fine, and, I’m assuming, any points associated with the violation are assessed to my driver’s license.

That doesn’t seem fair, does it?

The only way I would have a chance of getting off of this ticket is if the car was stolen or if I had sold it.

I wasn’t driving my car when the police shot this lovely picture. The only reason this is more annoying is because, out of the two of us, my husband is least likely to commit an offense. He is a former police officer himself, and pretty consciencious about traffic rules.

And the one time he does something wrong, it’s caught on film.


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