Road Trip

Today, we took our motorcycles around town to do errands. My husband is always trying to devise trips to wherever, just for the joy of riding through the countryside, which is fine. But with our 6-year-old, it’s hard to go any distance without her rear end hurting.

So we went to get hair cut. We went to the Harley Shop to harass the employees we know there. We then got on the busiest street in town against my better judgement, where we just had to be a little more watchful of the traffic, then onto the Interstate and over to Cabela’s to grab lunch and purchase some fish bait. We are still hoping there are fish.. somewhere… in the lake we fish at.

When we got home, my husband put on my shiny new foot pegs. They are big and flatter, so they should be a lot more comfortable to rest my feet on while I’m riding my bike. I’ll try them out tomorrow.


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