Closing Ceremonies of Girl Scout Camp

Today, although camp won’t end for a couple of days, were the closing ceremonies for Girl Scout camp. While the beginning of the experience turned out to be quite a dilemma.. field trips to parts of Omaha I wouldn’t even go to were involved.. it has proven to be a really nice experience.

My daughter met girls from all over the city. Although “base camp” was an elementary school gymnasium, there were frequent field trips to the pool, to museums, to the zoo, to a tree farm, and a week at actual day camp (the “wilderness” so-to-speak). She learned to ice skate, jump off diving boards and deal with a girl or two who were not nice. And we know ALL KINDS of new songs!
I learned not to be overly frightened of her going new places and trying new things. She was always returned safe and sound, usually bouncing around and full of a day’s worth of stories.
Overall, you couldn’t beat Girl Scout camp with any other program.
And I’m so proud of what she’s accomplished.

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