All About Her

Tonight, The Little Kid graduated from level 1 skating, even though she was having an off-night. Turns out she was tested last week, when her snowplow worked. Now all we have to do is coordinate Girl Scouts, swimming lessons and skating in the fall.

During a tense, rushed moment ealier in the night, TLK said, “I miss the old mommy”. My husband said, “This IS old mommy” (meaning, I am old… get it??). I asked her what she was talking about. She said, “The fun mommy, like when I was a baby.”

I told her I was not much fun then. And then she looked at me wierdly, like I was nuts or somethin’.

This is as fun as I get, honey. Till the day you get rich and famous and drag your mommy off to a beach in the carribean and slap a margarita into her hands. 🙂

At school today, I was there when she LIED to her friend. She said, “My mom says I’m too fat for my size”. OMG. I wonder what other things she tells people I say (that I really don’t!)


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