So, to send out the summer with a sad hurrah, I caught a summer cold. I suspect The Little Kid as the unwilling donor of the errant cold germs. It started on Sunday, when riding the motorcycles on a 2 hour round-trip. About 2 blocks from home, I thought, “I just want to fall over”, but of course, this is a bad idea when you have to balance.

I spent the next day and 1/2 in bed, just totally out of it… sweating, chills, night sweats, panging in the side of my head,; the earmark of severe congestion.

It’s really important to buy the minimal medicine you can get when you’ve got a cold to alleviate symptoms for, too. I bought the Tylenol Extra Strength, “I have the worst cold ever” formula. Too much Guaifenesin when a cold is just starting is not necessarily good.. Dry coughing ensued. A lot of it.

Day 3, stopped the, “I feel dead” medicine and bought just a decongestant. Supplemented with Tylenol every 6 hours. When I neglected to take the Tylenol on time, the chills came on, and I could not get warm quick enough.

I think I’m making some headway, though. I’m not needing the Tylenol every 6 hours. The head panging is nearly gone. Only the lovely cough remains. I’m still trying to decide if that’s doctor worthy or not.


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