Do We Live in the Same Nebraska?

The Mini salesman said that I could drive my motorcycle 8 months out of the year. I think he was trying to sell us a low mileage lease (5,000 miles per year).

I’m not sure what part of Nebraska he’s from. It must be a sunnier part, with warmer temperatures and no rain, where no one has to drive or walk a little kid to school.

Nice try.

I like Mini. The dealership was low stress. It was a “Hey, want to look at our cars? What options would you like? Want to take it for a spin?” environment. It was kind of fun to even be in the dealership, to be honest, and they vended FREE Starbucks coffee. What more could you ask for?

The Mini was a fun drive. The model we drove was priced at $21K, which is within market prices for a brand new car.

Maybe someday. At least I don’t have a hockey bag to fit in the back. 🙂


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