On Fire

Today, we went on a poker run for the benefit of several volunteer fire departments in Western Iowa. It was a good ride; about 175 miles in all, not too hot, not too cold. We had some good lunch (firemen can cook!) and some good company.

But there was some excitement involving, oddly enough, a fire!

We pulled into one of the volunteer firestations on the route and heard a commotion. Some rider’s saddlebags caught on fire! They were working to get the bags detached from the motorcycle, while the firemen went to get a fire extinguisher.

They hosed off the bags and took off the seat… I’m assuming to make sure the seat wasn’t on fire, too, and rolled the bike into a bay in the station.

It was quite bizarre, really. I mean, saddlebags normally don’t catch on fire. I’d be interested to know how it happened. They would have to be the right material, of course (not leather), and I’m guessing heat from the engine ignited the fabric .. or someone was smoking.. or something inside the bag ignited.


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