Girl Scouts

The little kid is less-than-enthusiastic about her "Save the Earth" badge, which involves picking up trash from around the lake.    I'm not sure this is a good idea anyway.   What if someone tossed their used hypodermic needle there?
I'm not sure I got to do stuff like this when I was in Girl Scouts.   I frankly don't remember too much about it, other than being whisked away to camp for a week and spending my nights in a cabin with a nice layer of daddy longlegs on the ceiling.   And I mean "layer".
I got a tick in my leg that week that my dad thankfully removed.   When my dog gets a tick, I FREAK out.
Lately, I have developed something of a tolerance for big spiders, though.   We have 3 on our back deck.   They come down from their hiding place at dusk and start weaving their intricate webs.   I never see too much in them.  I figure they are either eating fast, or they just don't need to eat very often.
For some reason, they have started weaving trampoline-like webs..  as if they need a net in case they fall.
Yesterday, we transported a spider across town inadvertantly.   It rode on the antenna of the Jeep to ice skating lessons.   Half-way there, it disappeared.   When I got out of the car, I found it tucked into a crevice of the spot where the antenna protrudes from the vehicle.
When we came out of ice skating lessons, it had started a web from the antenna to the door.    I asked my husband to remove his spider.   He flicked it off, then squashed it.    Oddly enough, I was sad about that.   I mean, spiders generally only live a year anyway, and it was getting rid of insects.
Who would have thought I would be a spider advocate?

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