Not A Bad Day

Yesterday, I worked a 13-hour day. We were loading laptops for a new set of end-users coming in. It took FOREVER! Finally, at 8:30pm, I got to leave work, just in time to get home and tuck The Little Kid into bed.

Today, training two classes; 5 people in one, 7 in another. I placed an emergency phone call to our salesperson so we could get some laptop cases and some power inverters for the laptops. I finished training and ran off to bail my mother-in-law out of the hospital. Drove her home, picked up some stuff from the grocery for her, got her meds, then headed home.

On the way home, I talked to a friend who kept me awake for the drive home. I was pretty wired at that point, so I was glad for the company.

Tomorrow is Friday! Hopefully, there will be sunny skies in the morning so I can ride my bike.


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