Nice Day

It’s been unusually warm here today… 82 degrees, or better, really. In celebration thereof, we took our motorcycles out for a 4 hour spin. Four hours because there was a stop for lunch, one for gas, two for halloween costume shopping and one rest break, because The Little Kid’s hind-end hurt.

I haven’t been on my bike for a week, so I had a tough time wanting to come home. One the way, though, I had to stop at the grocery, because the hubby caught two catfish and we needed breading and a few other things.

I was driving by the high school and there was a lot of activity. I think there was some kind of band competition going on there, because there were all kinds of busses and moving vans.

I was looking to change lanes, so I glanced to the right for a sec, then looked straight ahead, where I saw a car had stopped unexpectedly (at least to me!) about 7-8 feet in front of me. I’m sure I had plenty of room to safely stop, but I put on the skids, and my rear tire fish-tailed. I decided it would be better to let off the brake a little to steady the bike, and found an opportunity to get into the right-hand lane.

Problems like this used to freak me out. But now they just let me know that I know how to adjust to potential problems.

I thank my safety class instructors for that, as we practiced abrupt stops and what to do if your rear tire fishtails.

If I was in a car, I would have been in a lot more trouble, just because it would have taken more room to change lanes.


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