What’s In There?

Borrowed from Gem’s site:

1. What’s in your medicine cabinet? Well, the official medicine cabinet has vitamins (men’s, women’s, children’s), a potpouri of prescription meds, some Tylenol, Motrin, Aspirin and cold medication. Oh, and 2 large bottles of flax seed oil (not mine)

2. What’s in your wallet? credit cards, my driver’s license, and that’s pretty much it. I don’t carry cash.

3. What’s in your bag/briefcase/backpack/purse? My purse contains my wallet and hopefully my car keys. During the week, it could also contain my cell phone, my ipod, my ipod charger, a can of diet Coke and a Yoplait yogurt.

4. What’s in your glove box? My car’s owner’s manual and various repair and maintenance receipts.

5. What’s in your imagination? Right now, I am imagining being asleep. I’m quite tired.


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