Ice Storm

We had an ice storm here today. See the icicles?

I had to take our schnauzer out front to pee because the back deck was all ice. While I was out there, the neighbor’s tree snapped off a big branch due to the weight of the ice, and it fell beside their car.

It was a long day indoors. At 4pm, I let the dogs out back and the ground was just wet. We got in the car and ran a few errands and then grabbed a coffee from the local coffee house (one of many coffee houses around here, mind you). It was good to get out!

I have been sitting here listening to the Canadiens v. Predators game. The Habs lost in a final shoot-out (a tie-breaking process after OT doesn’t render a winner) 4 – 5.

Losing doesn’t seem to be quite the big deal it is for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. The Canadian fans are sweet, really, compared to the cut-throat Nebraska football fans.


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