Ice Skating 101

Today, The Little Kid and I headed out to the ice rink. Since I haven’t been in ice skates in probably 30 years, I asked her if she could give me a couple of pointers.

Getting out on the ice was easier than I thought. For 30 years, I’ve been thinking I couldn’t ice skate, but I did really well after the first couple of laps.

I guess some of that hockey watching is paying off. 🙂

Also, do you know there are tricks to doing spins? “Hold your hand out flat beside you and look at it,” TLK said. I thought, “Right. Whatever.” but did it anyway. Guess what? Even if you are really standing relatively still, it works. God forbid you are going fast and do that. 🙂

I only had two falls, which didn’t hurt much at all. I did pay, muscle-wise, later, but it was nothing a long, hot bath and a good night’s rest couldn’t resolve.

Overall, a LOT of fun and an amazing workout! I’ll go again.


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