Reading Recommendation

I have spent at least an hour of my morning reading through WaiterRant. You should, too. I’ll try not to sound like a commercial; you know the kind…”Not only is it..lalala, but also, you can clean your kitchen cabinets with it.”

The truth of the matter is that the writing is good. It made me look at my own blog, although, GIVEN, I don’t have the insightful, inwardly analytical writing I sometimes feel I should have, and think, “I don’t deserve a blog. My writing stinks.” 🙂

The fact of the matter is that, WaiterRant lets you get inside of the author’s head. While I’m reading, I am thinking of my own thought processes throughout the day. I’m reenacting sorting it all out and reacting to whatever is affecting me, and why. In the back of my head, I am thinking, “Yeah, this all sounds really familiar.”

I enjoy that when the author finds a situation he doesn’t like, he reacts to it. Gracefully. He gets the job done when, for example, he’s out shooting an AK-47 at the range and overhears that a man has left his dog in a hot car. I’m not sure what I would have done; AK-47 in hand, dog abuser within range. Hmm.. Tough call. Yet, he joins the rest of the room in staring the man down and making him feel uncomfortable enough to pack up his stuff and leave.

Then there is the other side of me, where in 5th grade, I said my dream jobs were being:
1. A waitress
2. An astromomer

Of course, I still love everything skyward, in the night sky. I follow the phases of the moon and secretly blame it for my good luck or my bad mood.

Waiting on tables, however, a job obviously involving skill for the good ones, and amazing customer service skills; thinking and troubleshooting on the fly, especially where small children throwing fits is concerned.

So, if you’re curious now, stop by WaiterRant. Don’t forget to leave a tip.


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