iPod Therapy

I woke up this morning not feeling my strawberry margaritas quite enough to cover up whatever emotional overload was hitting me. I blame hormones. Hormones suck, really. To counteract them, I put on my iPod, turned up only the happy songs, skipped over the bad ones, and was fine in no time.

Ever see those movies where people overload on stimuli in their world and everything is solved by putting on headphones and piping music into their ears? Well, that is me, too. Why does this work so well? I suppose it is an immediate distraction. Also, the music we download onto our iPods normally has some sort of meaning associated with them.

I have quiet, reflective songs, romantic songs, traveling music, sad stuff, and some upbeat music. What I play depends a lot on my mood. Today, it was the traveling music and the upbeat stuff; not that I was going to be traveling anywhere.

For example:

N’Sync – Space Cowboy (I’m sorry. I just like this song) 🙂
Rascal Flatts – Shine On
Anything from
Lifehouse’s original CD
Most of Josh Kelly’s “
For the Ride Home
3 Doors Down, “

Overall, I think the $79 I paid for my Shuffle was very inexpensive for the duty it performs. 🙂


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