A Perfect Day

I had the day off work today. TLK woke me up at 5 am. Well, actually it was 3am. She does that when she falls to sleep at 6:30 the night before.

I woke up and caught up on email, tweaked my husband’s corporate website a little, checked on work, talked to a friend online, went shopping, lunch, shopping, more talking, then in to work to get a Quickbooks 2008 upgrade out of the way. Oh, and I got called a “ratbag” by some crazy British person. It was all in fun, though. hehe (or maybe it was not. Maybe I have finally been identified.. as an.. umm… ratbag. )
Dinner was made for me. It was waiting when I came home. Now I am sitting here thinking about my margarita mix in the refrigerator. Should I get up and get some, or not? I vote “yes”.
Oh, and it’s my DAD’S BIRTHDAY! And guess what? The card that I mailed him on Wednesday made it there on time. Go figure.

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