The Weekend

Meet Mr. Silver iPod Nano, a completely needless acquisition, given that I already have an iPod shuffle that is reasonably new. However, 4 gb of storage space and visual identification of the music I want to listen to allows me to quickly get to:
“Lost Without U” – Robin Thicke
“Who Am I” – Point of Grace
“That’s Where It Is” – Carrie Underwood
“Feel Good, Inc.” – The Gorillaz
as often as I like. No more flipping blindly through music, reminding myself which part of the alphabet I am on, and which part of the alphabet I am looking for. 🙂
My weekend was unplanned at the outset and allowed me plenty of time to do whatever I wanted to with it, which amounted to some Internet time, catching up on email, cleaning (of course), and running very few errands.
Slowly but surely, I am also dealing with my daily 4:30 wakeup time, which seems to be the partial responsibility of my daughter who wanders into our room most days at that time of the morning to snuggle up with me. Rather than go back to sleep, well… I just stay awake. Last night, I purposely stayed up till midnight and managed to sleep until 6:00. Maybe I just don’t need that much sleep anymore. 🙂 In any event, I’m in control of the situation, and that’s what matters.

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